What DO you do?

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Why solar?

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What is the typical cost?

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WHat is the average pay back for solar?

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what is Grid-Tie solar?

Grid-tie solar is the simplest and most cost effective solution to producing your own power. With the utility grid as your power “storage”, you get a credit for all the excess power you produce. In the summer months and during the daylight hours, you will produce more power than you use and increase you credits. This built up credit will then be used at night and during the winter months when you use more power than you are producing. This system works great for our climate and our solar insolation. This solution is virtually maintenance free and requires little effort from the end user.

what is Hybrid Back-up?

This solution is good for areas prone to power outages. With a grid-tie system, the grid power must be working for the system to work. For example, if there is a power outage, your grid-tie inverter will not produce power for your home until the grid is back up and running, even if the sun is shining. The solution is to add batteries as back up storage to run your critical loads during these outages.

what is off-grid?

Energy self reliance. Your loads are powered from the batteries that store the energy produced from the solar panels. With a properly designed system, a back up generator is rarely needed, only during long stretches of cloudy weather. 

What are heat pumps?

Heat pump are highly efficient, reliable heaters that operate in temperatures down to -15 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat pumps work by pumping heat from one location to another like a refrigerator. As a bonus, they are an excellent air conditioner for the summer months. Conditioning your space with minimal noise, maximum efficiency and control.