Great working with Josh on our heat pump and solar installation. Excellent installation and Josh knows his stuff. Both installations look great and are operating as we hoped they would. Costs were competitive and fair. Our solar installation went in fall 2018 so we await the expected performance coming this spring through fall when we’ll see our largest solar gain. Highly recommend Josh and SolarLogix.
Gary S, 2019

I liked Josh the second he came by to give me an estimate. He's an approachable, knowledgeable, friendly guy who knows his way around all things heat pumps and solar.

He installed both a dual heat pump system and solar panels. Not knowing much about either, I asked lots and lots of questions, and he patiently answered them all. He installs the heat pumps and solar panels himself, so he can guarantee that everything is done right the first time. His background in engineering is extremely helpful, because it makes him super particular about how things should be done and look once installed.

The heat pump was installed in November and the solar panels went online in early December. Both have been working wonderfully. Having solar makes me giddy. The inverter makes this clicking sound every morning (for just a few seconds), just as the sun begins to clear the hills to the east and the sunlight hits the panels. It’s a lovely sound. I'm looking forward to when spring and summer come around, which is when our panels will really begin producing power!

I highly recommend Josh and SolarLogix! You won't be disappointed.
Steven L, 2019

Josh did a great job for us(PV array and a heat pump), I definitely recommend him!
Chris K, 2018

Josh installed a heat pump for us about a year ago and we have not had any problems. It is neatly tucked in back of the house and very unobtrusive. He later installed a 12 kW solar electric system in January without any issues. The system has been producing well all year. Other than the inverter in our utility room, you'd never know it was there because it was such a streamlined installation. Josh has high standards, is very knowledgeable, and quickly responds to any questions.
Jared N, 2016

We were so pleased with the first heat pump that Josh installed that we called him back to do some more! He was pleasant, professional, and got the work done ahead of schedule both times. The Fujitsu heat pumps were very fairly priced and are all working great. We highly recommend SolarLogix.
Sarah J, 2016 

Josh put in a 5.04K solar array for us in Bangor last fall. He was fast, efficient, knowledgeable, and the best price. Our system has worked like a charm this whole first year. We definitely recommend him to others!
Karen M, 2016

Josh is a great guy, very knowledgeable about his energy products.
I was in the construction business for years, I always found it hard to trust the workmanship of others. Normally I do the work myself, but after meeting Josh and speaking with him for an extended period of time, I found him to be reliable and professional. He explained in detail what he would do, which heat pump was the most efficient, the total cost, and when he could do it.
Josh did what he said he would do and exceeded expectations.
Fujitsu heat pumps have proven to be an exceptional product! Josh has my total recommendation!

Dave S, 2016